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Hey Lovely, I believe that everything happens for a reason and so you must have been fated to be here. I am honoured that you choose to find out about me and the work I have been doing.

For those of you who do not know me personally, [do not worry we can be besties], I just want to say welcome. I am not your everyday business coach. I am a mixture of weird and bossy, I take dance breaks at my desk and I sing along to every song on my playlist [oh I cannot sing to save my life.]

As best as I can, I want to tell you a story. How this Caribbean girl left her country, to study Social Work and Psychology but instead ended up travelling the world and creating a 6-figure business along the way.

My passion is to help aspiring solopreneurs looking to start and grow a profitable service-based business from scratch, consequently creating a life that can be lived on their terms.

I know there is a lot to learn on this journey and if something I do, can help you take that next step, then, I would have accomplished my goal, which is to help shape faithful CEOs like you for a life of financial freedom.

How would a home business that makes 4-figures change your life? What could you do? Who could you help? Which country would you visit?

In 2015 I was travelling South America as an ESL teacher [barely] making $15 per hour. Just making enough for my ticket to the next country, when it hit me that more was possible. That was when I took to working online and buoy oh buoy, was it scary. At that time n.ot many people I knew, was working online and so everyone I talked about my endeavours thought I would fail including friends and family.

It is a good thing I was not one to listen, [hard ears pickney], so I followed the vision God set in my heart.  Fast forward to 2018 a friend encouraged me to get some coaching and mentorship which scaled my business exponentially.

And So, Serve + Profit Biz Academy was born, to empower and educate women who like you want more from life but just need a bit of assistance to get there.

If you want to learn more about building a service-based business and the tools to do so, I recommend you check out my business starter guide! It provides an actionable guide to starting your online business from scratch.

If you see value in having an expert, with years of experience, help you on your entrepreneurial journey so you cannot just serve but also profit then join the 200+ entrepreneurs who have worked with me.

Finally, be sure to follow me on Instagram @destinybrown for daily tips on building a profitable service-based online business. Do not be shy drop me a DM to say hello.

I help women build profitable online businesses so they can create the life of their dreams

Let’s have a quick chat to see if our programs are a good fit for you and how we can help your business. 

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