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Are you dissatisfied with yourself?

Hey guys,

We are often discontent and much dissatisfied, that our wish for recognition has not been gratified. We feel that we’ve been cheated in beauty, charm and brains. And we think of all our ‘loses’ and forget all about our ‘gains’. And dwelling on the things we lack we grow miserable inside, brooding on our ‘deficits’ that are born of selfish pride.

We begin to harbour hatred and envy fills our hearts, that we do not possess the things that make others ‘seem so smart’. And in our condemnation of the traits that we possess, we magnify our painful plight and sink deeper in distress.

Oh, Lord, forgive our foolishness, our vanity and pride. As we strive to please the eye of man and not God who sees ‘inside’. And little do we realise how contented we would be, If we knew that we were beautiful when our HEARTS are TOUCHED by THEE.

I am Destiny Brown saying love who you are.


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