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Book Day (Round up)

Hey guys, 

OK so, Just finished my second book by Belle Aurora entitled ‘Raw‘. And buoy oh buoy it was just that RAW!!!
I fancy romance novels to an extent however I was introduced to Kristen Ashley a year ago, and can I say hooked?? Yeah.
Now I have almost finished all her books and so not to run out of her goodness just yet, I’ve decided to try other writers out hence RAW.
This book was a little different in several ways. Firstly there were a few scenes that blow me out the water with their graphic detail. Secondly it was a love story that never really felt that way. And lastly It didn’t have a typical happy ending.
Oh well it wasn’t bad at all.
Nevertheless I am a mystery and suspense gal to my core so bad to old habits for me as I delve into James Patterson ‘The Big Bad Wolf
I am Destiny Brown saying, Happy reading.

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