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Have you ever?

Hey guys,
Have you ever felt the beat of your heart when it is broken and falling a part? Or written on a piece of paper your feelings in a rhyme just to feel like a bard?
Have you ever let a teardrop fall to your mouth just to taste the flavour of grief? And locked yourself in your bedroom so that nobody interrupts while you cry in brief?
Have you ever been to heaven and hell at the same time? Or sold your soul for less than a dime?
Have you ever truly repented from committing a terrible  sin? And then repeated it like the chorus of your favourite song when you sing? 
Have you ever missed someone beloved who has drawn his last breath? And felt kind of guilty because somehow you help to his death?
Have you ever prayed to God for something while on your knees? And never wondered why you wanted this?
Don’t tell me you have never wished for another life, Because you thought at some point that yours was just a lie. We all have wanted, at least once, to fly free as a dove. And asked someone for a hug just to feel a bit loved.
Have you ever, with a gentle smile, flown to the moon and back? And then come down to earth just because gravity is as strong as yak?
Have you ever waited for your true love like a princess waits for her knight? Only to find out that he or she with somebody else will go out tonight?
Have you ever laid down your life for a friend? Because your love towards him or her had no end?
I am Destiny Brown saying, WELL… I HAVE!!!

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  1. December 11, 2014 / 22:16

    It feels like your talking in front me! Great Job ๐Ÿ™‚

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