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It’s that time again. Yes its been three months since my last relaxer and I am going to share with you How I Self-Relax.  Of course I’ve been learning a lot of new things on my hair journey and I must say that my hair is coming along nicely. *I’m so proud of me*

Preparation for the relaxer started a week before when I did a protein treatment to help strengthen my hair, *relaxer is applied to unwashed hair*, so now to the day.

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The products I used for my self relaxer.
The products I used for my self relaxer.
(a bit blurry) My hair in 1/2cm twist
(a bit blurry) My hair in 1/2 inch twists

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I need me a selfie stick or something 🙂 I will be getting one as soon as I find that promo I’ve been looking for, anyways back to the matter at hand. Before I applied my relaxer I divided my hair into four sections, then divided each section into small 1/2 inch twists. I coated the twists with petroleum jelly so as not to over process my already processed hair. *DO NOT PUT THE PETROLEUM ON NEW GROWTH*  It the easiest self relaxer method I found from a diva Vivianna Grant.

Relaxer applied and I was smoothing
Relaxer applied and I was smoothing

I mixed my relaxer as directed, double checked my processing time and applied the relaxer to my hair starting with the back section. After I applied the relaxer I went over it a second time (called smoothing) to make sure I got my hair as straight as I wanted it. I had the relaxer on my hair for 25 minutes total.

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Deep condition protein treatment
After washing and deep conditioning for an hour.

I shampooed with the neutralizing shampoo several times and deep conditioned with a mixture of, the conditioner provided with the relaxer, the protein treatment, castor oil and honey for an hour.

Applied my leave-in and seal with olive oil
my leave-in and seal with olive oil
Applied heat protector and blow dried on low
hair blow dried on low
(a bit blurry) relaxed hair

I rinsed my hair and t-shirt dried it, applied my leave-in conditioner, seal with olive oil, added heat protector and blow dried on low. So that it guys, my hair came out just how I wanted it and as you can see in comparison to past photos my hair is looking more healthy and full.

I am Destiny Brown saying, It’s the small day-to-day actions multiplied over time that makes a difference.

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