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I’m An Adult – oh shizzzzz!!!

Hey guys,

Gone are the days when my biggest concern was how much leg show in my shirts. Then it was what the hell to do with my future. What to be, college all that stuff…

OH Shizzzz I am and adult, when the hell did this happen… and how the hell do I make it stop!!! Being an adult is totally over rated it is responsibility.

OK so I’ve got to be responsible, which equals being places, earning a living, paying the bills, paying the rent, eating right, and especially if you’re steering your life toward success then you realise that you have no choice but be responsible because it’s no longer up to your parents, your teachers, your family or friends to make sure you “turn out” right it’s now all on to you!!!

Yea, it’s called responsibility n it sucks but it doesn’t go away and it can’t be avoided or we face the circumstances.

But just so you know adulthood has it perks with the perfumes, the clothes, the shoes, the sex and no parents anywhere to tell you what to do. That absolutely awesome!!!

I am Destiny Brown saying, with adulthood comes responsibility.


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