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Hey guys,

I always wondered, how does a dying person feel? Just the knowledge it’s all over and the uncertainty of what comes after.

So I gave it a bit of thought and I think basically there will be comfort in knowing you left a little of who you are and what you stood for behind.

I look back at my life and realize that most of my decisions in life has been because of my love for my family.

For instance my mom worked her ass off for us as kids even though she didn’t have a degree or what-not she did her best to make sure we could have a chance at that.

Lots of people don’t know who they are or what they stand for because the odds tend to blow you all over the place. But I figure if we could figure out what our purpose is then maybe we could use that to affect someone else.

I realize that I don’t want to live a certain type of life because I don’t have a choice but rather because it was my choice.

I am Destiny Brown saying; when it’s all over I want to have made an impact.


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