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OMG guys… It’s been forever since I have been here. How you all doing? My last post was some time in January, oh how time flies! Since then I have made several plans to get back on but the time just wasn’t right I guess. Last September I wrote about moving home (to Jamaica) after a long time living outside of my country. So, to be honest my absence was mostly because of this move and all that came with it.


I had to find a new place, sort out my office and my clients so that my business didn’t sink while I got situated. Then as I got more comfortable in my new surroundings I kept thinking about the kind of content I was producing and how I could possibly improve on it. So, I have somewhat figured out how I will balance everything (yeah I said somewhat).

I am trying to merge my blog and my life as best as I can. Things may take a bit of time to fall in to place, however, I will try to be consistent on here.


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