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To Be Free

At last I’m free from the cage.
No longer am I filled with rage.

I am free from all stress,
Free of anger and all the rest.

I am free from being harmed.
Now I welcome life’s challenges with open arms.
The Way to See Your God given Dreams Come True   Sunday Meditation 300x300 - To Be Free Poem
This is my new beginning,
This is my time to shine.
Finally, opportunity is mine.

Nothing can stop me,
I’m a girl with a dream.
Everything I have ever wished for,
I can now redeem.

I am free to dance, free to sing.
I now see that life is a beautiful thing.
maxresdefault 300x169 - To Be Free Poem
This amazing world is mine to explore,
But most importantly…

I’m free to be me,
More than ever before.


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