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New Adventure On The Horizon

New Adventure on The Horizon

“I wanna go home,” I said to her. “Where is home?” She replied. “I don’t know, I just know it isn’t here.”

Remnant of a conversation between my sister and I not long ago. I’ve been living ‘abroad’ for more than 10 years now, granted not always in the same country but yeah ‘abroad’. After contemplating it for a while, I decide it was time to go home. But then that brought on the question of, where is home?

I am Jamaican, and I love my country, when I lived in Jamaica I had an apartment and a life. Is that home? Since I gave up that place years ago and everything in it, probably, not right? My mom is still living in Jamaica though, along with some of my siblings and their families. So, I guess that is the sense of home I feel?


Bags Packed and Flight Ready

Maybe. Whatever it maybe I wanted a fresh start, a new adventure and a challenge. Things needed to be moved around a bit, I mean I have started to feel much like a normal person probably would. I don’t know when that shit happened to me, it just did. Work to home and back again not much living just existing, hell to the no, I can’t have that!

So, bags packed ✔ stuff sold✔ ticket bought ✔ and were off folks. Will Jamaica be my permanent home? Probably not. However, I am in love with the idea of owning my own little piece of paradise, you feel me? Yeah!

Imagine All Those possibilities

Who knows maybe I will find love on this adventure, or even if I get close. I mean, if at first you don’t succeed…? Tons of excursions, home fixes which equals DIY until I go cray cray, new home office with new clients and so much more. I can’t wait!!

Let the adventures begin.


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