Hey guys:

Can u imagine?

I’m sitting in my seat, Christina Perri turned all the way up in my ears… minding my business… then here comes this man, about five feet five inches tall, 200 pounds with a huge tummy and he comes to stand beside my seat.

Then all of a sudden all I feel is the big tummy on my shoulder… Oh lordy lord and other parts are rubbing up against me. Jesus help me!!! Now if that’s not bad enough I swear he eased himself right there. Eeeeeewwww plain ole nasty!!!

Now I remember why I hate the bus. He totally ruined my jazz.

I am Destiny Brown saying, “Is it just me or is taking the bus a horrible experience?”

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  1. milfermon21 November 15, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Taking a bus is an everyday adventure, usually gross though -.-


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