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Poem – The future is bright for me

I’m depressed and stressed from now on at home
repeating the same ol cycle
eat sleep watch t.v

yes repeating the same old cycle
so as I laid my head down in the bed
I began hearing voices in my head
what could this be
is this reality
yes it seem

but no I have just fell deeply in a dream
in this dream I open my eyes to a surprise
and see the sunrise
as im laying on a beach
in reach
of a sexy man

that seems to be my husband we were both hand in hand
he’s holding me and unfolding all the love I have inside
he whispered to me I love you dear come on baby
let me take you for a ride

on this ride I see palm trees and water all in the distance
I told him baby turn around and take me home right this instance
so he took me up this gigantic hill that seemed to be all alone

he looked at me and said honey pie we finally made it home
I couldn’t believe the view I saw it was like something on tv
it was beautiful, it was gorgeous, it was lovely, classy and pretty

i saw a big mansion and said
in my head wow oh my I came along way
Gosh I never thought id see this day

he said girl why you acting like this your first time here
you know we been living here for um.. about a year my dear
geez! it was like my own little private island with me and my honey

but all of a sudden everything begin to fade away bit by bit very slowly
and suddenly I woke up to see my boring ole reality
but then I smiled and looked up and said the future is bright for me


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