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How to start Yoga at home?

Hey guys,

I decided to do start doing yoga a few weeks ago. Because of this I have been doing some research to set up my home practice properly. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and growing more.

I will be sharing some of the things i found in my research. I would love to hear the opinions of those of you who have been practicing yoga longer than me. Thanks in advance guys and here is what i found.

Here’s How to Be a Stellar At-Home Yogi.

If you’re new to yoga, getting hands-on attention from a teacher is the best way to build a strong foundation. But if you’re strapped for cash, it’s still possible to build a solid yoga practice on your own. Both seasoned students and newbies alike can benefit from these tips on creating a sustainable home practice.

Start slow: There’s no need to dive into a 45-minute sequence from the get-go; start with just 15 or 20 minutes when creating your home practice. You’ll be more likely to stay committed to your new routine if the length of your practice doesn’t seem so daunting. Get started with our 20-minute total-body yoga sequence.

Timing’s everything: Every day, do your best to hit your mat at the same time. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or once you’re home from work, a stable routine will train your mind to crave a regular practice time. You also won’t have the excuse about where to find the time to practice if it’s seamlessly built into your busy schedule.

Pick poses wisely: A great yoga teacher once told me to choose two poses I love and one I hate when building a practice at home. The ones you love will have you feeling confident and graceful, but the ones we hate are the ones our bodies need the most!

Create a sacred space: Make a sweet home for your practice. Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom, a section on your living room floor, or even your back porch, find a place where you’ll have ample room for your mat and for fluid movement. Consider lighting a candle or two to kick up the ambiance a notch.

Have the essentials on hand: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, watch this video to learn all about the essential tools for yoga you should have at home.

Article source: Popsugar

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To bigger and better things.


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