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Hey guys:

When I was a little girl I remember running to my grandma and saying.

“Mama, you know wat mi go be when mi grow up?”

“No, mi no know. Tell mi no.” she replied.

“A doctor, mi goin to be a doctor. Wah yu think mama?”

“Ok gal yu goin to be doctor. But yu know seh doctor have to study hard hard?”

“Yes ma’am. ”

So at this moment I was convinced I’m going to be a doctor. Many years later as I was about to finish high school my mom and I had a similar convo.

“So Al wah yu a go do ya now dat yu finish high school?” Mom asked.

“Buoy mummy mi no know enu. One time mi did say doctor but ya now mi no so sure.”

“Well yu affi decide soon alrite?”

“Mi know mummy.”

Eventually I graduated high school and dived head first into the world of work. All this time wondering what in God’s name I’m going to do with my life. I spent years thinking about it actually and while I did that I had jobs as: A Customer Service Rep, Custom’s Officer Clerk and Admin Assistant.

God bless those people. Now here I was thinking, there is no way I’m going to be doing this any longer. I am Tired. Now this was 2011. Yes I know I spent a lot of time thinking.

Anyway I came upon a situation that was really soul-searching and then and there decided Social Work is my calling. Now here I am today 20+ years old studying it up to be just that… a Social Worker.

You can never tell what the future is going to be. You can however work hard, hope and pray that your dreams come through. At six I saw a doctor in my future, now here I am in the future an aspiring Social Worker.

What do you see in your future now? You may ask. Well now I don’t look at the future that much anymore. I look at today and I see someone with the potential for Greatness.

I am Destiny Brown saying, don’t ruin your present worrying over the future.



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