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Official Business Launch In “Vegas Baby”

Last Saturday and Sunday marked the official launch of our business. Our prelaunch started on March 11 and from the time of prelaunch until official launch August 31, we had over 20 Million USD in sales and over 12 Million USD in payouts.

All that is just the beginning of great things to come. So for those of you who are wondering what business, what launch. Let me break it down for you.

I recently partnered with a Global group of Entrepreneurs that have developed a Technology company which will disrupt many industries the way Uber did taxis. We are starting with saving people up to 70% off on hotels, rental cars & other core services worldwide… We also added rideshare technology and mobile cellular technology. The company structure pays out 80% of its revenues as commissions and bonuses to key partners. So, I am currently looking for a few key people globally. Hence the launch.

Here are some highlights from the launch:

From our prelaunch March 11 to official August 31. So many people ranked up like never before in this state of a Network Marketing Company. WOW!

Through our BuumFoundation we are a mission to provide as many meals as possible for those who can’t do it for themselves. At our launch event, through on-location giving and pledges, we were able to surpass our goals for the year of being able to provide 1 million servings to 3.3 million servings. #Blessings

We are a Technological company and although Travel will always be our foundation technology we will add different technologies as we grow. Here are two technologies we added: Rideshare (VibeRide) and mobile cellular technology.

My team and I are building an amazing community of like-minded individuals on a mission to live life on our terms. Join the movement.

Click HERE for a short interactive presentation, It gives you a better idea of the project, it will ask for a name and email bit it’s just so I can track who views it. I will be notified when you start and when you finish. Then I can answer whatever questions you have.


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