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Lifestyle || I Thought I Loved You Poem

Two hearts melding into one.
A picture of joy and happiness. Of completeness.
I was glowing in my first love, my first kiss, my first belief in something more than friends
I thought I loved you

When we broke apart, I broke apart
I texted you over and over again.
I messaged you. I tried to get a hold of you.
I wanted to hold on to you.
I thought I loved you

You ditched me…

You ignored me. You disappeared. You ran away.
You broke my heart.
I was left shattered. Glass pieces too sharp to pick up.
I tried to get over myself but you came up in my dreams.
I remember your lips. Your smile. Your hugs.
That tiny apartment.
I thought I loved you

When I came out of a lovers haze I remembered.
I remembered going days without talking to you because you didn’t want to talk
I remember how you ran when you thought I was pregnant.
I remember my first kiss… You were so intoxicated.
I remember walking with you in the dark.
I remember being dumb enough to sacrifice my safety
Because I thought I loved you.

I tried to fill you. I tried to fill the hole inside myself.
I thought that if I found someone like you, then I would be complete.
I just needed love and I thought what you gave was love.
I thought I loved you.

You kept coming back…

You crept back into my life time and time again.
You convinced me you wanted to try again.
You convinced me you loved me. I fell for it. Over and Over again.
I let you back into my life, into my body.
All the time not knowing you were using me.
I thought you loved me

Song by @Ariana

You said you were getting separated 
All I felt was you chose her over me
You made me believed you
I thought I loved you

I write to numb my pain. You avoid, your pain
When you told me your secrets I knew that you were hoping
Hoping for someone to fix you and I thought I could
I thought love could but
You never loved me… I never loved you.
I just thought you did

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