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When someone ask, “What do I do?”

Hey guys,

(Letter from a friend)

I woke up this morning with no energy at all to get out of bed. Unlike myself in that my mind was filled with visions of my life, especially how its been these past few months.

There is no job for me it seems, and trust me I have looked. So maybe I could print a resume and drop it off to multiple enterprises but that too needs money I do not have.

I am not a complainer, never. I am always the eternal optimist but these days I do not know where I stand. If I do not have a job then I wont have an income and If i have no income then there goes paying for food, bills, and transport.

Sometimes I wonder, maybe if I had a dad that loved me or family that had was in a better position to help then I wouldn’t feel so destitute. Then I hear someone say find your own way! Be creative and be your own boss!

Have I take that advise? Absolutely!

Its all well and good to put these things on paper but then what?

How do move forward? Where will funding come from because it not been given away. At least not when I am around.

And no matter how often I will it into being or try to dream about it every night hoping it will come through or wish that just like in the movies someone will believe in my dream the take a chance on me. Unfortunately none of the ever happens.

I wonder who will take a chance on me? Will I ever get my big break? When will the cycle end? When will my life begin?

I am Destiny Brown saying, Sometimes its hard to tell someone else what to do.


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  1. lizzyric
    April 16, 2014 / 19:38

    I wish I had the answer to this question…. I’m sorry

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